Frequently Asked Questions about SAK

Q: Why can't SAK recognize the product that was ordered in each order notification when importing it and assign the order to the appropriate application? How am I supposed to import all order notifications at once if these are mixed up in my e-mail client?
A: This is because some registration services do not include the product name in their order notifications, but only the product ID. Some do even allow multiple orders on one order notification, which would be very hard to parse correctly. But there is a simple workaround: Every e-mail client lets you create mail filters that look for fixed strings in every filtered e-mail and transfers it to another mailbox if this string is found. Use these mail filters to sort your order notifications by application in different mailboxes. This way you can export all messages of each mailbox to different locations and import them to SAK at once.

Q: SAK crashes right after starting it.
A: This can happen in rare conditions if you are running out of GDI resources because of using too many applications at the same time. Please close some resource-hungry applications and try again. If it does still not work, you might have to restart Windows.

Q: I find SAK very useful, but need some special customizations. Is there any way to get them?
A: Possibly yes. If you are a registered user and it is a feature that we find useful for all users, we will implement it free of charge. Otherwise, we can implement it for you for a fixed price that depends on the complexity of the requested modification. The hourly rate for such modifications is $60(US).

We are here to help! If you are still having any questions, comments, suggestions or bug reports regarding SAK, send us an e-mail.


As of the 15th of October 2003, the development of the SAK has been halted until I find some more time to implement version 2.0 of the software. By that time, advanced features like multiuser support and customizable import filters will be added.

However, until then I'm afraid I am unable to fulfill any change requests, no matter if from registered or unregistered customers. Please note that you are therefore buying the SAK on an "as is" basis until version 2.0 is released. In exchange, I have slashed down the registration fee from $129 to just $99.95!


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