3D Morris Support

Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Morris:

General FAQ:

Q: I lost the game. How can I get it back?
Q: What is a registration code and what do I need it for?

A: The trial versions of all of our games are always freely available here. If you have already purchased the full version of the game, you can enter the registration code which you received after placing your order to unlock the full version of the game again.

Game-Specific FAQ:

Q: Where can I find human online gaming opponents?
A: There is a gaming club where you can find online gaming opponents. You receive information how to join the club after ordering the full version license of 3D Morris. Please visit click here to place your order.

Q: Why does the game look much worse on my computer than on your screenshot?
A: You must set your windows color resolution to High or True Color. The help file includes detailed information on how to do this.

Q: Why is it so easy to beat the computer opponent?
A: You might be playing the early stages of the arcade game mode or the "beginner" or "novice" level of the classic game mode. Please play on to the higher stages of the arcade game mode or choose the "regular" game level in the classic game mode for a more challenging opponent. Also, please mind that the full version of 3D Morris comes with a better computer opponent which is not included in the trial version.

Q: How can I play against a friend over the Internet?
Q: What is an IP address?
A: The game contains an extensive help section about these topics. Please start the game, choose "Human Opponent over the Internet" as gaming mode and confirm with "Start". In the following window, click on "Help" to get help about this topic. If you are having additional questions, please let us know.

Q: Why does my time rapidly decrease when I pass level 7 of the arcade game mode?
A: This is just a feature to make the game more challenging for expert players.

Q: The game just crashes with the error "10093: Successful WSAStartup not yet performed"
A: This problem has been fixed. Please get the latest version of the game from our download page.

Q: Sometimes when I start the game, it tells me "cannot find language dll" and crashes. How can I fix this?
A: This bug has been fixed. Please download the latest version and it won't bother you again.

Still Need Help?

In this case, please fill out the form on the main support page and try to explain your problem as specifically as possible. Be sure to include any error messages that you might encounter.

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