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FAQ about Gemsweeper    FAQ about Arcade Lines    FAQ about 3D Morris    FAQ about Five+   

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General Help

Question: I have lost the full version and / or my registration code. How can I install it again?
Answer: Click here to get it back...

Question: I have bought the full version and didn't receive an answer. How can I get my full version?
Answer: Click here to quickly and easily recover your full version.

Question: I have a registration code, but it does not seem to work. What should I do?
Answer: Be sure to enter the code and the registration name exactly as written in your registration reply. Keep in mind that the registration name is case sensitve. We strongly recommend using copy and paste. If you are not sure about the exact spelling, please click here to receive your order details again.

Question: I got the error "Delete file failed, Code 5" when trying to install one of your games. How can I install the game?
Answer: Please make sure to close all other applications on your system before running the installation program. If this should not help, choose a different installation directory for installing the game. If you are using Windows XP, try installing the game into your "My Documents" folder.

If you lost your full version / registration code:

If you have lost the full version of your game or your registration code, please click here to instantly get it back. Please do not use the form below before having tried this first.

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If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ above, please contact us using our support request form.

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