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This game s fantastic! I will never get my house work done because I can't stop playing it. I have already advise a few friennds the game, and will surly tell others. Keep on making games like this.
-- Yvonne Cohen - Washington DC, United States

I truly enjoy Arcade Lines almost every day. The competition against my own score is fantastic as well as others online. Thany you for inventing such a wonderful game.
-- Vivian Barnes - Wendell, North Carolina, United Stages

This is a must for everybody. It is the first and best game I have purchased over the Net. Warning it is extremly addictive. I love it thanks to the person who made this program. Many thanks.
-- Joy Nunn - Churchill, Victoria, Australia

I chose this game because I am formed in psychopedagogy and as I use computers, I am using games to verify my customers' cognitive apprenticeship. This product enhances the anticipation capacity, development of the logical reasoning, space organization, classification, choice for scale and more
-- Sebastião Carlos Ferreira - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

This is one of the best games I have played and it keeps me glued to the chair. My wife says she's going to bann me from the computer.
-- Jason Montgomery - Woodberry, New South Wales, Australia

I like your Arcade Lines game very much, so I figured what the hell I´ll pay 15 bucks so they can develop a few more good games.
-- Ólafur Jón Ólafsson - Akranes, Iceland

I am a disabled lady with only one hand that I can use, and the games Arcade Lines & Five+ give me hand eye exercise, and they afford me the chance to be on a level playing field against others. Thank you.
-- L.M. - New Zealand

Enjoy the game very much. I have been writing music for games for 4 years now and I love the music with this game! Music makes a game. KEEP YOUR MUSIC WRITERS. Love what your doing!!.
-- Richard Suykerbuyk - United States

I just wanted to send you a note damning you (in a good way, that is) for creating what has got to be by far the most creative and ADDICTIVE game since the original Tetris. Since downloading Arcade Lines, I have found myself stuck like glue to my computer playing this game for hours on end. Thank you very much for creating something this good and this thought provoking.
-- Brendan Vila - Frederick MD, United States

Your game is so good that you can drift away and play for ages. It is addictive, and keeps you stiving to beat your highest score.
-- Michael Lovett - Derbyshire, England


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Buy Full Version
Get the full version for only $14.95
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