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General FAQ:

Question: I've paid for the full version of the game and now I've lost it. How can I get it back?
Answer: No problem! Click here to get it back...

Game-Specific FAQ:

Question: After entering the registration code I got an error code. What should I do now?
Answer: This depends on the error code you received. Please select from the following:
Error Code 49    Error Code 51    Error Code 56    Error Code 57   

Question: How can I display the Internet Highscores?
Answer: Choose "Highscores" in the "Game" menu of Arcade Lines. This should display the window. Then press the button labeled "Download highscores from the Arcade Lines website". The game will now download the highscores, afterwards it will display the current scores at the right hand of the highscore window.
You can also display the Internet Highscores in a web browser. Just go to the following Internet address:

Question: I have a problem displaying the scores/submitting my own scores. What can I do?
Answer: Please note that Highscores achieved last month will not make it into this month's highscore list. Check if your computer's Internet connection is protected by a firewall. If a firewall is installed you need to allow the game to connect the Internet. The manual or help file of the firewall will tell you how to do this. And finally, have some patience and try again - sometimes the Internet is slooowww.

Question: When I resume play the next day, the score starts at "0". How do I prevent this?
Answer: Please try the following:

  • Double-check if the game's auto-save feature is currently turned on. Click on 'Game' in the Arcade Lines menu. Now you should see 'Resume last game on startup' and a check mark next to it.
  • Check if someone else is playing the game on the same computer. Note that everybody must login with an own user account, so that the game knows which player belongs to which saved game.
  • Make sure that you don't delete the file 'lastgame.txt', if you regularly clean up your temp folder.
  • If the saving once worked, but then ceased to work, there must have been some kind of change in the system which prevents Arcade Lines from saving the current game. Do you remember any changes in your Windows System between the time it did still work and the time the saving stopped working?

Question: I'm using the full version, but can't see the additional graphics I should have received?
Answer: These graphics sets do not come with the regular trial version of Arcade Lines. You can download a special version of Arcade Lines featuring the extra graphics from here.

Question: I'm using the full version, but am still missing special game pieces like the Propeller, the Hourglass or the Paint Bucket?
Answer: These game pieces are not available in the 'Regular Lite' game mode that is set by default for Arcade Lines. Just switch to another game mode (like the 'Regular' mode) to play with these additional game pieces.

Question: Can I adjust the maximum number of new balls to appear in the custom mode?
Answer:Yes, you can. Learn everything about the Custom Game Mode here.

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