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Advanced hint: Use the Paint Bucket for Combos

The Paint Bucket is great for scoring lots of points. Take a look at the example: First we complete the white row by moving the bucket into it. So the white line will dissolve (1).
But that's not all -- the bucket will also paint all pieces within a two-square radius. So the black, red and green pieces on the right side of the board are all painted yellow. Now we've got 5 yellow pieces in a row, and of course this new line also disappears from the game board (2).
And all the other newly-painted yellow game pieces are just waiting there for you. Let's go and score some Combos with them!


Advanced hint: Use Multipliers wisely

Always move Multipliers into longer rows, so you can use their power to get lots of points.

Yellow: 5 game pieces in a row = 3 points 3 points x 9 = 27 points
Green: 7 game pieces in a row = 8 points 8 points x 9 = 72 points


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