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Alan Poulton: The fans make the game quite interesting! They're easy to get rid of if you make a diagonal line though, but they're a lot of fun.

Alan Poulton: The multipliers are also great fun. That's how I got the crazy high score in Easy. Using a Paintcan with a 9x multiplier thrown in there. I was trying to wait for another paintcan as I had 3 9x and 4 3x that I wanted to use.. it didn't come up fast enough for me though. That would have made for a great score!

Bryan: I tried building multiple diagonal lines heading towards the centre. Get each one to 4 balls in length, then you can finish off one at a time and get several combos. I'm new at it but could get as high as 7x so far.

Bryan: As a kind of safety move you could put a paint can right in the centre of the board near lots of other balls, as long as you can easily finish off one line with the paint can in it. turn everything in the centre the same colour and you can open the board up quickly.

Bryan: Fans: although mostly they are annoying, it is possible to score combos with them if you have pieces properly placed (i.e. you move one ball, and the fan blows another one because you removed the ball behind it. the fan blows that ball to complete a line, means you did 2 at once doesn't it? this is kind of hard to set up though.

Bryan: Jokers: dont stop at "two lines" - technically it's possible to complete 7 lines simultaneously with a joker (if you put it a a point where all 4 diagonals and the 3 other row/columns all have 4 lined up and intersect at the same point)

Vera Silverwood: Choose four colours one colour in each corner and build a four ball row, you now have four ball rows, wait until you get a 9X and use it in the middle and you will get a very good score,at the same time you can be geting lines, try this when the multipliers come up when you open a new game.

Miss Smith: The way to win this game is to move the paintcan to the middle and build lines all around it. But leave a space for the paintcan to go in the lines mind you!

Burr: It is theoretically possible to dissolve 8 lines at the same time. The trick is to save a 9x multiplier, and keep it near the center of the board. It does get in the way, but you have to put up with it if you want the really big points. I have been successful in closing on 7 of the 8 lines (all 4 diagonals from the center of the board, and 3 of the remaining columns/rows). Once you have built the rows,columns, and diagonals, drop in the 9x and watch the fun! My highest scoring move thus far has been 1755 points.

Darcy: Try and save a dynamite stick to use right after a paint bucket. When so many marbles are the same color, the dynamite stick can really clear some space on the board!

Michael: Fans can be dissolved easily if you make them part of a diagonal row, as every position on the diagonal will be out of their reach.

Bob Cooper: As you select a color to run diagonals as Ms. Silverwood suggested herein for each row, use any unused color as a "backup" beside it, in case something happens (and doesn't it ALWAYS?)

Neeraj Aswal: Create a diagonal row in one color, but leave one place between of them empty. like 4 red ball from right (down) corner (diagonally) and the same 4 red balls from left (up) corner, leave one place in the beween and wait until "9" appears in the board. You will get 207 points...but better if you can make one different rows before putting "9" between previous making will give you 207 x 2 = 414 points...

Gary: Save the dynamyte sticks in the middle.

Cnredd: In the very beginning of the game, my ultimate goal is to create and "X" using the 9X as the final piece in the exact middle of the board. I use black because it's the easiest color not to miss.
Start with the corners and then work your way in. Don't go for it all until you have the correct numbers and there's a free lane for the 9X. I try and get it to the square above the exact middle. It's a bonus if you can also include a line of black going from side to side in this combo.
Believe me; it's worth it! I've had scores go from 500 to 2000 in one shot!

Michael: Get rid of fans easily by building them into diagonal lines, over which fans have no control. Also there is no need to drag pieces by holding down the mouse button. Just click on the piece, then click on the destination. The route will light up if it is open. The piece will go there by the shortest possible path.

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