Player Testimonials about Five+

"Thank you so much for your kind assistance. I have already done as you suggested and it worked perfectly. As far as feedback regarding the Five+ game, I love it! There are so many similar games, but none are anywhere near as good. I use my game constantly, especially when I'm online. I am so used to multi-tasking at work, that when I'm at home looking up something online or sending instant messages to someone, I am also ALWAYS playing Five+. It doesn't slow down any other processes, (even on my old computer), I can still see most of my computer screen, and it is also pleasing to the eye."
-- Pam Poulakos, United States

More comments:

  • "I LOVE this game! It's frustratingly addictive. Great job for a first outing."
  • "I didn't have so much fun with a game since Pacman!"
  • "It's harder then I thought.  What a cool game!"
  • "The game itself (concept) is outstanding!!!"
  • "Beautiful graphics combined with a straightforward classic layout of the game make it a pleasure to play the game."
  • "The game is very fun to play. It doesn't seem hard but is very challenging. It gives beginners a chance to get used to the concept and gradually becomes harder when the board gets full. Great idea and very cool animation for the moves."
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