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Frequently Asked Questions about Five+:

General FAQ:

Question: I've paid for the full version of the game and now I've lost it. How can I get it back?
Answer: No problem! Click here to get it back...

Question: What is a registration code and what do I need it for?
Answer: The trial versions of all of our games are always freely available here. If you have already purchased the full version of the game, you can enter the registration code which you received after placing your order to unlock the full version of the game again.

Question: Why is the price on your order form higher than the price stated in the game?
Answer: If you find that our current prices do not match those in your game demo, then it simply means you have an outdated demo. We change our prices very rarely, and our latest price change took effect in September 1998, when the price of Five+ was changed from $11 to $14.95 after some major enhancements were made to the game. Be sure to download the latest version of Five+ from to take advantage of these enhancements. You will notice that it shows a pricing of $14.95.

Question: My virus scanner reports a virus in the file that I just downloaded from your website.
Answer: It is not a virus. We minimize the File size by compressing it to make the download as fast as possible. In some rare cases, files that are compressed this way are reported to be virus-infested while actually being perfectly clean. This mostly happens with old virus scanners. Update your virus definition tables and scan the file again. If the problem persists, please let us know which virus scanner and virus definition tables you are using so that we can contact the virus scanner manufacturer. We are always checking new program versions with the latest versions of several industry-leading virus scanners.

Game-Specific FAQ:

Q:Why does the screen flash from time to time?
Answer: That happens only when you are running Windows at 256 colors or less. Windows does not have all the colors requested by five+, so it tries to substitute the missing colors by a process called dithering.There is a simple solution though: Download the latest version of Five+ or simply switch to a higher color depth before starting Five+. The flashes will dissappear and the graphics will also look much better.

Question: Sometimes when a joker plops up and dissolves a row, the game hangs.
Answer: This bug has been fixed. Please get the latest version of the game from our download page

Question: I posted my highscore a few hours ago and it still does not appear in the internet highscores?
Answer: The highscores are updated manually. Therefore it usually takes up to one week until yours is displayed. Don't worry, we won't forget you. We are currently working on an automatic solution to this problem.

Question: The game just crashes with the error "10093: Successful WSAStartup not yet performed"
Answer: This problem has been fixed. Please get the latest version of the game from our download page.

Question: I have installed Windows 98 and since then the game hangs as soon as I start it.
Answer: This problem occurs when you are running Windows98 with an S3 Virge graphics accelerator board. It seems as if this is caused by a faulty driver. In order to fix this bug, you must download the latest verison of Five+.

Still Need Help?

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ above, please contact us using our support request form.

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