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I have just finished playing Gemsweeper and wish to write to say how much I enjoyed this game. I was totally addicted. I have never enjoyed a game so much. For people who enjoy thinking games, this has to be the best.
-- Sally Howes, New Zealand

I absolutely loved Gemsweeper. It's a fantastic idea for a puzzle game and was so refreshing compared to all the other puzzle-games out there. It was nice to see someone take this concept and make it into such a fun games. The gameplay was by far the best aspect of the game. I also loved the artwork and reading the little bit as I gained each new rank. I wanted to find out what the next rank would be.
-- Helen Leonard, UK

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for creating Gemsweeper! Finally a game that is both fun and different. I bought it last night and couldn`t stop playing for hours.
-- Temy Thomas

I really liked this game, I have several different games, and this is the type that I like to play. I get kinda obsessive at time about playing games, but this is the only way I get to wind down from a very long and stressful day. I clears my mind of the day activities, and allows me to use the little brain cells that havent been burned out yet. Just kidding, I have 7 kids and I get a little stressed at times. Very good game.
-- Robin Clark

The puzzles are fun because they seem deceivingly simple to solve, yet challenging enough to feel like you actually accomplished something once finished. VERY ADDICTING!
-- Ralph Loizzo

Easily one of the best "spare time" game since Bejeweled 2! It's a lot of fun for your brain. It's not about dexterity or luck, it's about evaluating the environnement. The only improvement we would like to see in Gemsweeper 2 is a "factory" where you could built your own temple and share it with the community.
-- Jonathan Ouellet, Canada

You have a gold hit here. I've shared your link with a couple of my friends...and they LOVE it! Congrats to you and Lobstersoft for a game that is not seen everywhere (like the typical match three games, which are ok, but there are many many out there to play), its humorous and challenging. And the sounds you have used are very satisfying while playing.
-- Deb Davidson

Enjoyed the fact that Gemsweeper a thinker's game, not the standard 'swapper' type game.Its different than anything else I have played. Was fun, challenging, and addictive.
-- Gracey Stinson

I love this game! I love that it's completely different from other games out there. I'm playing it now for the fifth time. Hurry please, with Gemsweeper 2!
-- Janet V.


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