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General FAQ:

Question: I've paid for the full version of the game and now I've lost it. How can I get it back?
Answer: No problem! Click here to get it back...

Game-Specific FAQ:

Question: How can I switch Gemsweeper to a non full screen mode?
Answer: Please display the options screen by clicking on 'Options' in the main menu of the game. Then uncheck the 'Play fullscreen' checkbox.
Click here to view an image of the Options screen
On some computers the checkbox will not be visible. This is because current Windows resolution of the computer is too low to allow you to play in the non-full screen mode. Please close Gemsweeper, try to change your Windows resolution, then start Gemsweeper and try again.

Question: I would like to restart the game at level 1 but I cant find a restart or way to go back any levels.
Answer:Start the game and display the Main Menu screen. Select 'Change Player' and add a new player.
Click here to view where to access the change player screen.

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