Arcade Lines Strategy Hints

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Basic hint: Save the Dynamite Sticks

If things get thight, you can use a dynamite bar to free up some space. This can be a last resort for an otherwise lost game.
So don't waste the dynamite stick too early, and save some for the end of the game.


Basic hint: Use only one Multiplier per row

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Using two Multipliers in a row is pointless, the game will only count the higher one. In the example shown, the points scored will be multiplied by 6, with the 3x game piece being counted as just a normal Joker. So it would be better to save it for another row.


Advanced hint: Clever scoring with Combos

Maximize the points you get for scoring Combos by dissolving the rows in the right sequence. Try to dissolve the highest-scoring row last, so that the points for this line will be multiplied by the highest Combo bonus.


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