Arcade Lines Strategy Hints

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  • Build up lines near the edge of the board, so you have more room for navigating the game pieces around in the middle.
  • Try to move as few game pieces as possible.
  • When moving a marble away to make room for another row move it to a suitable place.
  • When positioning marbles for a line, get the balls farthest from the row in place first. They have a higher chance of getting blocked off.
  • Try to build diagonal lines. They count as if they were one ball longer. So a line with 5 balls gives you 5 points instead of 3.
  • Long rows are rewarded more points than short one. One 9-piece row gives you more points than five separate 5-piece rows.
  • If you’re planning to use a joker in a row, put it there last, so you hold on to your chance of inserting a suitable colored piece instead if one pops up. Then you’ve saved a joker.


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